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Susan White, LCSW has worked in the Corporate World, Retail Management and Human Services. She’s long been fascinated by personal transformation and human resilience – especially in the face of adversity. In 1993, she was told, “You’ve done well for someone with a substandard education.”

​That back-handed compliment inspired her to pursue a BA from Judson College (1996) and MSW from Aurora University, George Williams School of Social Work (2001).

Susan lives in her hometown of Antioch, IL with her black lab, Bella.

Everyone faces situations we don’t want – death, divorce, illness, financial problems, conflicts or personal challenges. Viewing those challenges as ‘life experiences’ often provide valuable opportunities to learn, grow and develop. That evolutionary process is the foundation of my practice, and also serves me well in my own personal growth. Through my work, I help people create individual transformation from the inside-out. For most people, coaching or counseling is helpful, and sometimes essential in order to fully understand how we may be contributing to our own problems, or even undermining what we say we desire in our lives.

I interact most effectively with clients who willingly delve into their own lives with a sense of accountability and curiosity. I have found clients want to be heard, and I am a good listener. I use what I hear to formulate and ask questions that may require contemplation, or sometimes soul-searching. 

When people are willing to gain fresh insight into their beliefs and experiences; I help by listening, asking questions that support desired change, and maintaining a safe, supportive and interactive relationship. Are you willing to challenge yourself and learn something new about yourself as you reframe beliefs and create the life of your dreams?

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