Lifeskills Center, Ltd

A place to learn, grow & develop.

Welcome! I’m Susan White.


I created Lifeskills Center, Ltd in 2007 to give people a place to learn, grow and develop.

My life’s work has always been investing in people. After working in retail management, as well as the corporate world, I made a decision to change career paths and returned to college to complete my Masters in Social Work. Upon graduation, I worked in several human service agencies and treatment centers. It was during that time I came to realize how dedicated I am to personal growth – both mine and others. Throughout this website I reveal more about myself, those who have influenced me and some of the amazing people I have learned from.

Everyone’s life is challenging and complex. At times, we make plans and life creates alternate plans. Whether we like it or not; whether we acknowledge it or not, we evolve as people as we experience life. What if you consciously made a decision to evolve or change specific aspects of yourself? If you’ve ever looked in the mirror and wondered who is looking back at you, please contact me. I’d love to meet you!

Thank you!

Susan White